The security of a network will be judged by its weakest link. Whether you need something as simple as wireless access or a more complex solution, we can help.

Security services, firewalls, content filters, malware & spyware protection. Without these security measures in place you put yourself and your customers at risk. Let Metro Data come in and perform a security audit so that you can rest easy that your network is secure.

Wireless Access

Many offices opt to expand their network over wireless 802.11a/b/g/n instead of running physical cable. Many wireless networks today have no security set up whatsoever. This makes it trivial to sit outside with a laptop and view all network communication including passwords and files. Worse yet, many wireless access points that do have security enabled are often misconfigured and can still be broken in to in a matter of seconds or minutes. That's where we come in; the experts at Metro Data know the common holes that hackers enter through and we know how to configure your wireless the right way. Call us at 410-667-3600 to schedule a meeting about your wireless security today.

Wired Networks

So often we are called out because "the internet is down" or "I can't access my files on the server". There are various causes to this and we know right where to look. Whether it's a packetstorm caused by plugging a hub back into itself or a rogue router installed by Bob down the hall, we can track it down and get you back up and running. Of course, sometimes the internet really is out or intermittent - we can talk to your internet provider on your behalf to get things straightened out. Maybe you really can't access your files - we can fix the permissions on the server so that you can.

Is the network always slow or are you tired of wireless connections that drop out? We can fix that. Here at Metro Data we can run new cable for you and replace your old equipment to make your network fly. Let Metro Data be your one stop shop for all your software and hardware networking needs.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Many businesses have site-to-site VPNs to allow staff at multiple locations to securely connect across the insecure internet. We can help configure your SonicWall or Untangle router to allow you to do this seamlessly. We can also assist with software solutions that accomplish the same goal. Feel free to call us at 410-667-3600 with questions.


The first step in any good network's line of defense is the firewall/router. This prevents a good number of attacks by limiting the number of entry points an attacker can come in from. Most consumer grade devices these days have this functionality built in out of the box. But what good is a firewall to block connections from the outside if your users on the inside still click on every game and email attachment they see? Consumer grade routers provide little to no amount of spam or content filtering to stop rogue web pages and emails from getting to the user. That's where we come in. By deploying multifunction devices such as SonicWall or Untangle we can help you filter the bad stuff out before it ever gets to the users. Both devices receive updates on a regular basis to help you fight against the latest threats.

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